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Kujoch is the literal pronunciation of the gaelic word Cuideachd, which means jointly, or together. We work in true partnership with organisations to exploit existing data to help provide positive outcomes.

Our Data Management Methodology firmly links value to data activities to capture, manage and exploit one of the most valuable assets an organisation has, namely, information. Coupled with our delivery capabilities utilising Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender, we can demonstrate digital insights from intelligently governed data in weeks, not months.

We are the affordable data company, and we specialise in leveraging existing investment in Microsoft products to bring value to the large amounts of data organisations hold. Our ethos is simple, why pay more for extra software when the majority of requirements can be met by more effective utilisation of existing technology.
We specialise in PowerBI, SSRS, SSAS and Office 365 to define, design and build transformational solutions using existing technology.

We also provide a Virtual Chief Data Office service, which in the brave new world of GDPR allows small companies, charities and other third sector organisations to benefit from a 'pooled'​ CDO resource. We can also supply Information Strategy services, tying up the strands of data and data management into a cohesive, effective strategy that aligns your organisational goals to 'on the ground'​ initiatives and projects. This ensures that any project has a direct link back to the organisational objectives.Our philosophy is to provide solutions that do not boil the ocean, but instead deliver incremental modules with tangible benefits at every stage. Too often programmes are started with laudable but lofty aims that very often don't translate to benefit delivery on an incremental scale. Using the Kujoch Value Unlocked modular delivery approach, benefits can be delivered through smaller stages, bringing benefits all the way through the process.

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