Alexander Holt

Alexander Holt

Company: CivTech

Job Title: Head & Champion

Alexander was the founder and Champion of the CivTech® Programme, driving daring and innovation in the public sector.

He was hugely honoured to win the Leadership Award at the Scottish Public Service Awards in December 17 for this work. And was also delighted for the team to win Scottish Public Sector ICT Team of the Year 2018.

At the CivTech® Programme, they're creating new, better and smarter public services and products, revolutionising the public sector procurement process, creating economic opportunities for pre-starts and businesses of all sizes, producing benefits for citizens - and along the way, making everyone’s lives better.

The CivTech® Programme is centred around a Challenge format and an innovative Accelerator, in which teams developing Challenge solutions work together and collaborate, sharing knowledge, skills and experience.

In a world of tightening budgets and ever-increasing demands, the CivTech® Programme offers massive opportunities to the public sector to deliver smarter products and services, increase effectiveness, create efficiencies - and in doing so, preserve, enhance and extend effective public services and products across the nation.

As the Champion of the CivTech® Programme they're being increasingly asked to present across the world about the transformative power of technology in public services, streamlining procurement, driving daring and innovation, and spearheading the role of start-ups and SMEs in the public sector.

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