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You might succeed in digital managing a hundred different things. But it's a lot easier with One.

CortexOne is the first Azure cloud-native CMS. Built in partnership with Microsoft, CortexOne leverages the full potential of Azure's cloud services and tools on a single platform. This simplifies and automates complex configuration processes and enables rapid and secure website creation, versioning and editing using an intuitive interface.

Controlled and flexible

CortexOne's Page Builder and Page Editor tools use pre-approved content, templates and website components to ensure brand consistency. With full Active Directory integration driving workflow and approval processes, there is a controlled yet flexible way of working.

Enable non-technical users to create and manage websites

The Page Builder tool allows websites to be created from a suite of pre-built components. The Page Editor tool enables direct editing. This means content owners can control their communications without Developer involvement, allowing truly agile marketing.

Built-in security and compliance

Azure's market leading security and compliance credentials, combined with CortexOne's website deployment method, provide highly secure website environments. Sophisticated accessibility features are also built in.

Easy localization and personalization

CortexOne's separation of content from the underlying codebase enables rapid localization and personalization of websites. Combining this with analytics tools such as A/B and multivariant testing enables highly targeted content to be presented.

Global reach and massive scale

CortexOne simplifies complex Azure resource configuration processes through automaton and an intuitive user interface. New websites can be deployed globally in minutes. And cloud resources can be scaled in response to changes in traffic volume, optimizing performance regardless of location.

Cost savings and operational efficiencies

CortexOne significantly reduces website set-up and running costs. Typical areas of saving include; DevOps/Developer resources, hosting, infrastructure and third-party software. CortexOne consolidates spend in a clear, transparent model.

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